Why Lizards may be the best way to control insects

Insects are generally annoying and invasive creatures who find joy in destroying the properties of whosoever stands in their way. Therefore, various control measures have been adopted overtime with a view to putting them under control. Amongst several measures and methods, one factor that has been long underappreciated is the role of จิ้งจก (lizard) .

Theyare generally regarded as one of the worst enemies of this insects, this is so because they basically serve as a source of food for them. Pest control specialists have suggested the introduction of Lizards into areas affected by these pests as a way of naturally controlling or even out rightly eliminating their destructive presence. Whether they are hanging on the walls of your house or on the fence at your backyard, they offer an ecologically friendly, pocket friendly and noiseless solution to the pest challenge.
Furthermore, for there to be a balance there must be a cycle of predators and preys, so long as the predator is alive, the prey may not survive and as such, their numbers are often times greatly reduced or even out rightly eliminated. Thus, these pest eating creatures are very crucial to a pest free environment. Although not everyone may agree with this assertion due to factors such as the fact a lot of people are actually scared of them, and also some people see them as been quite irritating because of the way their body looks, most people will still very much agree that they indeed do some good.
It should also be noted that it does not really cost anything to catch insets using them, they can be called free pest controllers, and hence they offer a cheaper alternative controlling insects like Termites (ปลวก). In conclusion, one of man’s major jobs is to make his environment as comfortable as possible for himself, therefore allowing for the habitation of his environment by this reptile may not really be a bad idea after all.