What is the main five process of the ITIL framework?

As you know that itil framework is always a first process in starting the information technology. If you have a well-planned ITIL process, then the outcome result will be on the positive side. This ITIL process can help to build your business goal, challenges, growth plans, etc.

What is the five process of ITIL framework?
The five cover guide of the process of this framework is:
1. ITIL Service strategy – the main motto of the ITIL Service strategy is to decide a strategy to serve the customers and all their needs. It is one of the most important parts of the ITILframework because if you understand this service strategy then only you can move forward to the other process of ITIL life cycle.
2. ITIL service design – as the name suggest this ITIL service design is mainly related with a design process. This service design provides a feature to the organizations to develop better services.
3. ITIL service transition – in this service transition it helps to plan and manage the risk of the new change of the products launched in the market.
4. ITIL Service operation – in the ITIL service operation it helps to manage the operation of day to day process, activities and the infrastructure of the technology.
5. ITIL service improvement – in this service it helps to identify the opportunities and also measure the improvement efforts.

What are the objectives of the course of the ITIL?
ITIL framework is very hard to understand the process. So they also offer main courses of the ITIL to the people. The courses will offer you with all the learning about this framework. The following are the main objectives of the courses of ITIL, and they are:
• Diminishing IT cost
• Enhances Quality and decrease the risk
• Wise decision making
• Increased productivity
• Effective communication
• Service management and how does it work.