Tips for teens to get auto insurance quote at cheaper rates

If you wish to get auto insurance quote for teens, then insurance coverage will be expensive. According to a study, it is found that it costs you more than $1500 per year to add a teen driver to the family policy. The car insurance for the teen is expensive because they are not experienced and likely to involve in an accident. Thus it is important to look for the cheap and best car insurance quote. You may also get discounts on the insurance. Companies offer discounts up to 25% on young driver policies, but an amount of discounts vary from state to state. Here are few tips to get auto insurance quote at lower rates.

Tips to get cheap insurance quotes-
• Get good grades- Student who gets good grade can get the discount from the Top Rated car insurance companies. Discounts range can be 10- 25% depending on the company. If you also want to get discounts then try to get good grades and enjoy the benefits of cheap car insurance.
• Professional training- Automobile insurance quotes will be cheaper for the teenagers who take professional driving courses. The reason is that they are less likely to get traffic ticket, collision and accident. Those who do not receive training may find it difficult to get car insurance. For companies, it is riskier to give coverage to such teens.

• Leave a car at home- Car insurers offer away from home discounts to the students who leave their car away from the school. If you are attending the school that is at least 100 miles away from home and you leave the car behind then, you can get discounts.
• Driving Contract- The other way to get the cheap and best car insurance quotes is to sign a driving contract with the car insurance companies. In the contract, you have to promise to wear a seatbelt always while driving, never eat or use your cell phone, pay traffic tickets, maintain good grades, contribute to the cost of maintenance. You will have to keep all the promises to get auto insurance quotes at lower rates.
To get auto insurance quote at cheaper rates along with the discounts you must consider all the tips.