Things you should know about Custom Baseball Caps

Baseball cap or dad caps are small soft caps, which are round in shape and have a small peak heading towards the front. Now you can order Custom Dad Caps from various companies online. The front part of the caps generally has logos, stickers, alphabets or other signs. These logos generally represent name or group of the sports or institution. The back of the cap generally consists of a stretched elastic or Velcro band to adjust it on the head according to size. The baseball cap is basically a traditional baseball uniform, which is worn to protect the eyes and face from the sun. But now days these caps are mostly worn for fashion purpose.

Material used in the cap
The basic baseball caps that come with an adjuster at the back of the cap generally are sewn in parts, and matching fabrics on the crown puts ten together. The front peak part is often made up of stiff plastic or paperboard and then covered by matching the fabric. Sometimes the top crown is also made with net like material. The main purpose of the cap is protection from sunlight.
Design of Custom Baseball Caps
The basic structure of Custom Baseball Caps is almost same. The difference is just in the color and texture of the fabric used on the crown. But the main attraction of these caps is the logos and stickers that are printed on the front side of the cap. In the case of the custom ones, you can choose whichever logo, color, picture, design and print you want. In case you are confused about the design the company professionals can help you select your logo and design the cap according to your choice.

You can also order Custom Baseball Hatsonline, but in the case of hats, the front peak part will be not there.