The Pros & Cons of Dripping Your E-Liquid

What’s Dripping?

As the vape business evolves on a seemingly daily basis, delivery systems, new devices, and e-liquids are being introduced to the industry. For the flavored vaper, the system of dripping, where e juice is dripped directly on the cotton of the coil of an atomizer, as an alternative to using tank or a cartomizer, has been a popular technique over the last few years. This fashion of vaping typically operates with increased airflow and a lower coil resistance to create a greater volume of concentration and vapor. Many seasoned vapers look at dripping as the “prime strategy” of vaping, but how much cogency is behind their claims? Let us investigate for ourselves some pros and cons of dripping e-liquid:

The Disadvantages of Dripping

When is the last time you watched someone new to vaping drip their e-liquid? The primary reason vapers drip that is just seasoned is due to the vast and complex knowledge needed to correctly work such a set up. It is essential to completely understand Ohm’s Law, voltage, watts, amps, the bore of cables and wicks, and how they apply to vaping. Dripping can be incredibly dangerous, if misinformed.

As with any vaping apparatus, to be able to maintain optimum operation, upkeep and care are not dispensable. There are a significant few things to contemplate when dripping. For starters, you’ll need a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA). Most retail stores carry a mixture of clone and bona fide RDAs ranging anywhere from $20 for clone for an authentic merchandise. In order for the RDA to correctly work, you are going to need substances to assemble and install your own coils. Building a coil calls for resistance wire, drill bits or screw drivers to envelop the coils around, wicking stuff (typically all-natural cotton), tweezers, pliers, and sometimes, a power drill depending in your construction systems. Most drippers would also advocate using an ohm reader after assembling to assess coil resistances.

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