The association of Mrs Slinger and how efficient it is in helping the cancer patients

The association of Mrs Ariane Slinger is a non-profit organisation built for cancer patients. Its main aim is to raise funds from people and help its scientific team to research about more efficient ways to cure cancer. As cancer isn’t easy to cure and leads to the death of victims eventually, the cancer research programs are a must in today’s age. The doctors working to find out more efficient solutions need funds to continue their research works. That’s why the association of Mrs Slinger is collecting funds, which in turn would help millions of cancer patients.

How effective is the Association of Mrs Slinger?
The association has been running efficiently since last thirteen years, helping a million of cancer patients to survive and lead a happy life. Though supports are mostly provided for France and Switzerland, the association at times too had helped other European nations. In these thirteen years, the organisation has partnered with various non-profit organisations, research teams, NGO’s, fundraising organisations, etc. to help its scientific team carry out research works. The team under the direction of Mrs Slinger is always devoted to the betterment of cancer patients around the world.
Events organized
Various cultural and sporting events are organised to raise funds. Out of the total money collected, 93% of the profits are distributed within research groups. The association has its own group of professional doctors carrying out research works. It helps them to move forward with their works without compromising on the money required.
Cancer research is a must in today’s age, especially when children are dying due to neuroblastoma, a deadly cancerous disease. So Mrs A. Slinger and her team have undertaken the work of helping the researchers find out most efficient solutions to treat cancer. If you want to help them, you can contact them for donating money to their children welfare program.