Control HIV/AIDS at preliminary states using Truvada

Prevent HIV using Truvada
HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a serious kind ofdisease, which attacks immune system and the natural defense system of human body, without a very effective immune system a human body can suffer a lot from many diseases. Human body affected with this disease or this virus while having unprotected sex, kissing, and vaginal fluids, sharing of drugs.
A baby can be affected by in mothers’ womb that has HIV during pregnancy. So as the disease is there, its medicine is also invented by Australia, which named as Truvada. So sometimes it isalso named asTruvada Australia. AIDS can also treat by this

What is tenofovir?
For curing HIV/AIDS Truvada brand name is sold on the market andunder this brand name tenofovir is the main tablet, which is a combination of two antiretroviral medications, named emtricitabine(200mg) and tenofovir isopropyl(300mg). It is the best medicine for treatment of HIV-1. So it’s recommended by the doctor that for prevention before spreading use precaution while having sex and it’s very safe to go to doctors’ chamber and tasted that your suffering from HIV/AIDS or not, because always remember that precaution is better than cure. If you go through the studies and results, you can see after using of tenofovir 45% and more than that people are getting the cure.
Harmful effects of Truvada tenofovir
Every single thing has both good and bad effects. So you people Ares use a limited amount of this pill prescribed by the doctor excessive amount can become very harmful and after using truvadatenofovir, you’ll face a lot of side effects. You can suffer from weight loss, stomach problem, weakness, discourage, chest pain, sadness, acidity, stress.
So if you’ve an allergy problem then consult your doctor before taking, think once before buyingtruvada.