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Warner Brothers are back with the sequel to their blockbuster console game Injustice: Gods among us: Injustice 2 brings the best of fighting and asset management in one game. Help Batman rebuild civilisation with his teammates and embark on unforgettable adventures! injustice 2 cheats ps4 will help you get past the initial learning curve and solidify your stand as the world’s saviour!

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• It has been five years since Superman was defeated. Now, “the society” rules the world. However, Batman is determined to not go down without a fight. Are you ready to fight alongside him?
• Discover the secrets of all the characters and defeat Brainiac!
• Play as your favourite characters and defeat the evil Gorilla Grodd!
• Who wins in the epic final battle between Batman and Superman? You decide! Shape the ending as your see fit. Injustice 2 cheats will show you how to excel in no time.
• New playable characters have now been added for even more varied outcomes. Live out the action-packed life of your favourite avatar!
• Transform your roster with customised voice and dialogue.
• How would it be if you could merge the flash with Reverse Flash? Now find out with the unique premier skins to make your favourite combos!
• With matchless first-person experience and unique, detailed storylines, spend your leisure lost in a dystopian land
• Enjoy top of the class fighting and in-depth graphics for the ultimate fighting experience from the winners of Best Fighting Game in 2016.

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Join the superheroes, or the super-villains, and gather your team for the fight of your life! Enjoy learning super moves, and use them to blast your enemies away! However, if you are unfamiliar with the storyline or the genre, you can always find your footing with Injustice 2 hack no survey.