Some of the reasons to hack Facebook accounts

Facebook is a social site. It is used throughout the word to connect with friends on a larger scale. Nowadays hacking has become a trend on FB. It has become very easy to hack Facebook accounts. Hacking gives access to others FB accounts, their chats messages, their friends list and a lot more. One gets a lot of information to others account via hacking. There is some software’s available to facilitate hacking. They offer the simple method to hack others accounts. Mostly it is seen that these accounts are hacked by known people or friends.

Why are FB accounts hacked?
• For fun: Most of the famous accounts are hacked for fun. People love to get information on their accounts and activities. They hack Facebook accounts of their favorite film stars or sports stars. There is no harm in it. But sometimes one can alter the accounts and confuse the victim.
• For forced shares: Many of the FB accounts are hacked to facilitate forced sharing. The contents of the victim’s account are shared via hacking. One can share good as well as bad information to others which the victim would not have preferred
• Follow others account: One hacks Facebook accounts to follow accounts of others. There can be wide hacking of accounts. Sometimes you may see the post from someone else’s accounts. This way on can track your activities like where you are going this weekend or with whom are you dating etc.

• For information: A hacker can hack the Facebook account to get valuable information. They are crazy to get information of one’s place of work, friends list, date of birth and much more.
These were some of the reasons for hacking Facebook. The intention can be for good or bad purpose. Various tools facilitate hacking on a wide scale. In any case, one needs to be aware of such hackers.
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Prevents the issues of hacking
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