Stromleverando : a modern way of power supply

The maximum amount of electricity suffers major wastage due to stretched distances of the power supply. strømleverandør (electricity supplier) introduces to you an ultimate newly advanced feature. It helps reduce the distance of supply as much as possible facilitating a direct supply from the source to your household.

• The advantage of this lies in the fact that it does not involve in it the expenses of middle men.
• Complementing this, the process of delivery is also made digitized.
• No added hidden prices are incurred on it.
• No persuasion for buying insurances related to power delivery.
Hudy Power Group :stromleverandor
The stromleverandor group comprises of ten companies all scattered over Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The group is known for its user-friendly approach towards its customers. It always prioritizes the needs of the subscribers and vows towards accomplishment of –
• Shortest distance of delivery
• Cheap mediations
• Complete and thorough transparency.
• Understandable policies and regulations
Choice of payment method by the customer –
It is always recommended to choose the payment method via e – invoice. The present generation of Norway possesses a bank account of their own which might not be the case of the generation preceding them. The elders (exceptions included), fail to have a bank account issued in their name, and henceforth have to get through the tiresome process of paying the bills standing in long queues.

Thus, easing away the billing strom, it is now advised to select the payment method as online. The online payment process introduced exclusively by dinstrom and stromleverandorinvolves generation on an electronic invoice. It not only avoids the predicaments of billing strom via papers but also reduces the electric bills to a considerable rate via e – invoice.