Runescape vs. RSPS list: What to play?

What is RSPS List?
RuneScape is an MMORPG game that is played in a fictional universe where players interact; compete with other players and non-player characters online. When you create an account and start playing, you can set your own goals and objectives.
It was developed and released by Jagex and is very popular having more than 200 million downloads thus setting the Guinness World record as the world’s largest MMORPG.

Rise of RSPS
Runescape Private Servers or RSPS are servers that are not owned by Jagex but by a private person. Jagex started introducing many updated which was not favored by the players. They wanted new features and abilities. The RSPS owners take the basic content of RuneScape and introduce their own modifications to the game.
RSPS wasprobably started for fun, constituting private servers with extra skills and features that only a set of friends can play. Later as it gained popularity, they were advertised and promoted commercially.
RSPS vs. Runescape
Websites rush in to offer top lists of RSPS that they promise will be more exciting and with more players than the original RuneScape. On the other hand, traditional players stick with their original game.
RSPS is simply more fun as it is not limited at all. You need not wait for picking powers or gaining XP or to unlock the next level. Players find it like having many options at hand.
On the other hand, some players find the set of rules in the game is foregone in RSPS. Hence when RSPS players finish a level, there is no thrill or accomplishment as in RuneScape.
So many RSPS have evolved, and hence gaming forums and communities recommend top lists of RSPS like The RSPSlist are ranked according to votes and reviews from players.
Overall, whether you are playing RuneScape of RSPS, It’s your wish. Enjoy and have fun.