Necessarily for a Personal Planner in today’s world

A personal planner is a small book or a binder that contains a diary, calendar or an address book. They are also known as personal organizers, year planners, and weekly planners, and personal analog assistant. A personal planner can also be a diary or a specialized planner note pads used to note your daily personal plans

Why is it necessary to have a personal planner?
• The personal planner helps one to write down one’s plans for the day. He cans categories between urgent plans and not so urgent ones to be done in the day. You can thus prioritize your important and less important tasks and plan accordingly.
• By writing it down in a diary or a notepad one can refer it at any point of the day. Thus he may not tend to forget his important tasks to be done. Even if you forget some important matter, you can refer to your planner.
• This way you can complete your important` tasks before time and spend rest of your time on less important tasks. Thus you may even find time for your leisure actives.
• He or she can plan his meetings, appointments or important social meets; the client meets, etc. with the use of a personal planner.
• It creates a clear structure for your day. One can schedule the day as to complete all his tasks on time. One can concentrate on the task at a time.
• One will thus get habituated to daily planning or be writing down his work. It can be his office task, personal task or any important task.
• One can use it for planning his daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. One can highlight important tasks using color pens or by star lighting it.
In today’s hectic schedule personal planner as an important tool for organizing one’s day. Lately, even electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones or I Phones are being used as planners.