Different categories of android app on internet

As the internet, has evolved from many years, the application and utility of internet has been expanded to various levels. The discovery of internet had boon the world and connected the whole world by both wired and wireless communication. Today, everything is possible through the internet. Internet is the huge collection of software, audio, video, shopping, social media and an infinite application which can be utilized over the internet. Fromm small to any large requirement, internal places a lead role in executing the task. Todays, world is incomplete without internet. It is as important as the food or water to the human being today. User can do the android apps download from the internet and various portals.

Various categories of the Android Apk Apps present on internet
If we count the android app present over the internet, then it will take years to count them. If we estimate the number of apk apps present on the internet, then there may be millions of apps present today. Each app present belong to different category or application. The apps can be found categorized in different category over the internet.

The categories on which the apps present are:
• Utility: These apps provide the application which can be used for doing some small task.
• Multimedia: As the name suggest, these apps are used for multimedia tasks.
• Photography: These apk files ae best for taking picture and editing the pictures or the images.
• Audio: Audio apk apps are used for recording audio, listening the audio files and editing them.
• Video: Video files are used for editing the video files and recording them.
• Games: Most downloaded apk file. The purpose is to enjoy and fun.
• Software: it is used for executing some task related to our requirements and needs.