CPAlocks: offers and services for locking your own content

Ever thought of making easy money by locking your contents safe? Just like most of the things unknown chattels of this holy world, even you were unaware of this, weren’t you? Yes! And that is where we have got your back. CPA locks introduce to you the newest technology providing you with a platform to store all your valuables and lock it safe and guess what? You will actually get paid for it! So, let us scroll more and get to know what it exactly is –

What is content locking ?
Content locking provides you with a platform for lodging a JS script for a particular website. It henceforth asks the visitor to drop in cpa offers which will eventually unlock the hidden or the locked content. In simple words, you enable locking to a particular content using a mediated gateway where a pop-up box will consist of CPA offers. Now, for example, a visitor logging into your website wishes to download content(say a movie). For further continuation, he will be able to download it only when he obeys and fills in the offers at the pop-up box.
Demo Gateway
Certain Demo Gateway Locks to be cited as examples would be:
• BlamAds
• August Smart II

Various Locking Networks
With the increasing popularity and user demand, the software has found a new niche to perform invariably in better ways. The advancements are well focusing on the user-friendlybetter locking networks which are
• Lead bolt
• Adscend Media
• Blue Track Media
• Adgate Media
• Cpa lead
Prime care should be taken about the importance, or the proficiency of the CPA offers that is being locked by you, that is, it should be of beneficial to the visitor.